About Ethan


“Hi, I’m Ethan. I am fifteen years old, from Llanelli, South Wales and currently attend St John Lloyd School. I have loved Motorsport of any kind ever since my Dad bought me my first quad bike. After getting very muddy I moved on to bikes and then decided to give karts a try (as it’s a bit cleaner)

I started off at the beginning of 2011 with a Tonykart at Llandow, Carew and Llwyncelyn tracks. I then got a Zip Storm to try, and loved it. I passed my ARKS on the 26th January and raced for the first time at Llandow on 20th Feb 2011.

Just before my second race I broke my arm playing football. I didn’t race again until August.

Not long after I started back I joined BKC Racing, I really enjoy racing with a team and have made lots of new friends.  I have raced at lots of different tracks and had a great time competing in Super One in 2013 with the new IAME engine.

The end of 2014 brought a new challenge as I moved from Cadet to MiniMax and then onto Junior Rotax.  In 2016 I will be raced in Junior X30 Junior in the British SuperOne series with Coles Racing.

2017 is going to be all change for me as I move from karts to cars.  I will be competing in the BTRDA Rallycross championships and also the British Rallycross Swift Junior championship.  I wanted to try Rallycross as its a good combination of circuit and off-road driving.  Its going to be a challenging year.

Thanks for visiting my website. Ethan”

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