From karts to cars!

2017 is a new challenge for us all.  We decided to take a break from karting and move into cars.  We spent a long time looking at which championships to enter,  Ethan wasn’t keen on the idea of rallying as he felt he would miss the close racing.  After a trip to the Autosport show we found the perfect fit – Rallycross.

Rallycross offers the close racing Ethan loves at circuits around the country but offers tarmac and off-road sections.  We have decided to take part in the BTRDA and British Rallycross Swift championships.  With 7 of the rounds based at Pembrey circuit it was even better for us.

So we sold Ethan’s kart and all our karting equipment and bought a Rallycross car.  We struggled to get Ethan any practice driving locally, we entered a Motorkhana for some practice which really helped but Ethan was still in need of plenty of practice as the first round of the BTRDA approached at Blyton. We also needed practice working on the car which is definitely in need of some TLC over the coming weeks.  Ethan finished 5th in the final at Blyton which he was pleased with, his lap times came down consistently throughout the day.

Last weekend we travelled nearly 6 hours to Croft circuit for the first round of the British Rallycross championships.  This weekend was very different to karting,  so many spectators!    A pole for the first heat put Ethan under some pressure but he brought the car home for each of the heats and the final.  A couple of spins in the final meant 7th place but his lap times continued to improve.

The next year will be an interesting one for both Ethan and us.  We will learn a lot but we are already enjoying the friendly atmosphere of Rallycross and look forward to initial year in the championships.

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