Ethan moves to MiniMax

Ethan moved up to MiniMax last weekend and was looking forward to a new challenge. His first race was at PFI, a track we hadn’t visited in nearly a year. Ethan found it difficult to get used to the width of the bigger kart but by Saturday afternoon was putting in some good times. The Sunday was all change though with torrential rain. Ethan also had to get used to standing starts. A battery problem in heat 1 meant he didn’t finish and he was grided 2nd for the 2nd heat. A full grid of 34 karts also didnt help. The final started out dry but then it rained and everyone had to struggle around on slicks. Overall Ethan finished 23rd, which he was pleased with considering the grid and the time he had spent in the kart.

Ethan is hoping to compete in both the MiniMax and X30 Junior classes next year and is planning on alot of winter testing to get used to the move from Cadet.

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